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Why become a member?

HDI members are a highly engaged community of technical service and support professionals who share a passion for achieving their career goals while optimizing the success of their support centers. They’re united by a common objective, by a regard for their industry, and by a camaraderie not seen in any other ITSM membership organization. With unmatched membership value, HDI empowers you with the resources to own your success and reach your career potential – all while elevating the customer experience and making business more productive. JOIN NOW!

Top Ten Reasons to Join HDI

Not sure HDI membership is right for you? Here are the top ten reasons why you should join HDI. Remember, these opportunities are only available to HDI members!

  1. Networking and Connections. You’re going to be networking with industry peers and building connections with technical service and support professionals at every HDI-related event you attend.
  2. Professional Development. Whether you’re looking to grow your career, build your professional network, or fully utilize industry resources, HDI offers countless ways to engage with the technical service and support industry.
  3. Local Chapter Access. Attend all of the HDI Steel City chapter meetings and events free of charge where you can connect, network, and learn in your own backyard. You never know who you’ll meet or the opportunities that might present themselves.
  4. Events. Each spring, HDI hosts the HDI Annual Conference & Expo, the most respected technical service and support conference in the industry. In the fall, together with itSMF USA, HDI hosts the FUSION Annual Conference & Expo, the largest service management conference of the year. Go ahead—attend our events and brag about being an HDI member!
  5. Resources and Research. HDI brings its members the latest and greatest industry reports, research, and publications. Let HDI help you stay up to date and informed!
  6. Webcasts. In monthly live webcasts and an extensive archive of past webcasts, HDI presents a vast array of topics, solutions, and information regarding the technical service and support industry.
  7. Discounts. HDI members receive discounts on training, events, resources, and services like the HDI Customer Satisfaction Index Service. Saving you money saves your business money, and deep discounts give more of your staff and coworkers the opportunity to take advantage of HDI’s tremendous professional development opportunities.
  8. Professional Recognition. HDI membership not only gives you exclusive access to members-only resources and opportunities, it also enables you to demonstrate your focus on professional development and your dedication to your career.
  9. Community and Exclusivity. As you climb the career ladder, HDI credentials will give you a leg up, and the network you build will help you achieve the career of your dreams. HDI members know the challenges you face better than anyone else, and they can help you along the path to overcoming those challenges.
  10. Memories to Last a Lifetime. Making contacts that will carry through to your everyday life and into the future is what HDI is all about. Networking opportunities come and go, but the connections you make will last a lifetime!

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