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HDI Steel City Brings Home the 2017 National Analyst of the Year Award!! Congrats James Van Poolen!

James Van Poolen, University of Pittsburgh

Representing the HDI Steel City local chapter and the Mid-West region

James Van Poolen is a Customer Support Analyst for Financial Information Technical Services at the University of Pittsburgh. He studied network administration at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Both he and his wife are currently part time students at the University of Pittsburgh. He loves sci-fi, disc golf, trombones, guitars, C.S. Lewis, taking things apart, video games, the Chicago Bears, putting things together, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and most of all his wife Christy.

James has been interacting with customers in one way or another for all of his working career, from camp counseling, to working on a hospital floor, to on-site and remote help desk work. He has been a technology hobbyist from a young age and has always been particularly interested in using simple ideas to understand complex technologies. This interest, along with a passion for assisting others, has led him to the position he holds today.

Technology in the home and the workplace increases in both usefulness and complexity every year. James is motivated each day by the idea that a comfortable, thoughtful, and supported experience with technology benefits both the individual and the community. He is constantly concerned both with finding ways to resolve problems and with removing frustration from situations where technology is complex or just plain old broken. Each interaction with a customer is not just about reaching a solution efficiently, but is also about creating confidence and comfort around technology for that customer. James finds job satisfaction when the full benefit of technology is unlocked and realized for the customer.

As an HDI Analyst of the Year Award nominee, James was selected from five finalists, representing each of the HDI local chapter regions.